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Understanding and navigating the Health Insurance market can be frustrating and to the average individual almost impossible to understand.  With laws constantly changing and the cost of healthcare on the rise, you cannot afford to take chances with the health of you and your family members.

With our current health climate, just 1 accident or illness can result in paying high medical costs out of pocket which can result in financial disaster.  If your employer does not offer an adequate benefits package, or you are self-employed, unemployed, retired, or a student, we can help.

The ASE Insurance Agency, LLC will help you navigate the Health Insurance Markets and the different types of health insurance coverage available to you and your family.  Our advisors have adopted a needs-based approach to understanding your family’s unique medical history and recommending the basic coverage necessary for every family.

Different Type of Insurance Plans

Health Insurance West Orange, New Jersey


  • Fee-for-Service (FFSPlans (non-PPO)
  • A traditional type of insurance in which the health plan will either pay the medical provider directly or reimburse you after you have filed an insurance claim for each covered medical expense. When you need medical attention, you visit the doctor or hospital of your choice.
  • Most health care plans are some form of Managed Care. Managed Care policies include Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO), Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO), and Point-Of-Service (POS).
  • HMO – With HMO’s all your health care services go through your primary care physician. You will need a referral before seeing specialists or other health care professionals. This usually means less paperwork and lower health care costs for everyone.
  • PPO – This plan offers more flexibility. You do not need a primary care physician and can go to any health care professional you choose although you will have lower out-of-pocket costs if you stay within the network.
  • POS – These plans combine some of the qualities of the HMO and PPO plans and the benefits levels vary depending on whether you receive your care within the network of providers. Like with HMO plans, you choose your primary care doctors and referrals will be required if you need to see a network specialist. Like PPO plans, you may receive out-of-network care, but with greater out-of-pocket costs.
  • Obtaining the right New Jersey medical insurance coverage is crucial. If you prefer to have your care coordinated through your primary care doctor, an HMO plan might be the right choice for you. If you would prefer more flexibility with your medical care or see a lot of specialists, you should consider a PPO plan.
  • The ASE Insurance Agency will help you sort through all the options and help you choose the right New Jersey health insurance plan for your specific needs.

Life Insurance – New Jersey, New York

 Understanding the Life Insurance market can be confusing and determining the right policy for you and your family based on your financial goals is a huge decision that should not be taken lightly.  Whatever your goals are — from tax-free income in retirement to tax-free income for your beneficiaries, income replacement for a premature and untimely death or leaving a sizable charitable contribution —  we can assist in pairing you with the right carrier.  Our advisors have adopted a needs-based approach to learning about your family’s concerns and developing affordable solutions to address your needs.

Individual Life Insurance can be used for:
  1. A Living Benefit – If your policy is not paid out due to your passing, some types of life insurance can have a cash value that can be accessed when necessary.
  2. Final Expenses – Basic coverage for your celebration of life and burial needs.
  3. Income Replacement – a life policy can provide much needed income for your dependents in the event of your passing. Many times, this is used for children but can also be used for a partner that has a loss of income.
  4. Inheritance – You can use a life insurance policy as an inheritance even if you do not have substantial assets to pass on to your beneficiaries.
  5. Tax Payments
  6. Making a Charitable Contribution
  7. Retirement – tax- free Income based on the living benefit of your plan
  8. Legacy Planning – building generational wealth

Life Insurance West Orange New Jersey

Generally, age and health are the most important factors in the premium you will pay. Although you can purchase a policy at any age, the younger you are, the more affordable the policies will be.

All life insurance policies are designed to pay a benefit when someone dies. The two most common types of life insurance are Term and Whole (or Permanent) policies.

Term Insurance is usually the most affordable type of coverage. The term of the policy usually lasts between 1 and 30 years and pays only if a death occurs during the policy term. Most term policies have no other benefit provisions. Term policies can be level term which means the death benefit will remain the same throughout the duration of the policy, or they can be decreasing term which mean the death benefit drops over the course of the policy’s term. When the policy term ends, you may or may not qualify for new coverage based on your health, and based on your age, the cost of the premium may be too high to be affordable.

The advantage of Whole or Permanent Insurance is the death benefit and premium will usually remain the same during the duration of the policy. These policies can also build cash value which may be withdrawn or loaned like a savings account. The 3 types of New Jersey & New York whole life insurances are traditional whole life, universal life, and variable universal life, and there are variations within each type.

Our agents at The ASE Insurance Agency, LLC can guide you through the different types of life insurance policies offered in New Jersey & New York.

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